Getting a Login

Using our online programme listing

It is easy to put your walk directly onto our future walks programme.  It can be done at anytime to suit you and for any future date.  You do, of course, need access to the internet but you don’t need to be a computer expert.


You will need a username and password and to get these you should contact our Webmaster using the “contact” tab along the top bar on the home page and then select “webmaster” from the drop down menu.  You should say why you are making contact and then provide:

  • Full name
  • Telephone number
  • Confirmation of the email address you wish to use


The Webmaster will email you a username and password.  When you have this, log on to the website and select the “leaders” tab along the top bar on the home page and then click on “log in”.   Type in the username and password you have been given.  Most computers will ask if you want to save your login details and it is best to accept this option so that for each subsequent login you don’t need to remember or find your user name and password.


Once logged in, use the “leaders” tab again and select what you want to do from the drop down menu.  Selecting the “draft walks calendar” will enable you to see which dates already have submitted walks however more than one walk can be entered on the same date especially if it will be a very different walk.  For example a 4 mile local walk will attract different walkers to a 12 mile walk in the Brecon Beacons.

Selecting “submit a walk” will bring up a range of fields for you to complete in order to have your walk listed.  It is intuitive to use so don’t worry and you can go back and forth to edit/amend your entry until you are happy with it.  And it doesn’t matter how far in advance your date is.

If you need any help in putting on your walk, contact an experienced walk leader or the Walks Coordinator (via the “contact” tab on the home page) as they will be happy to assist. Otherwise just play… won’t break it!