Bookings for Group Walks

We are now able to start walking again as a group, but we have had to make  some changes.   Numbers are limited and set by the leader. For the time being there will not be a  4-monthly walks programme but walks will be listed on the website on a rolling basis,  added as  they are submitted by leaders and approved by the Walks Coordinator. 

Booking is necessary on all walks, either online or by phone to the Walks Co-ordinator – please use the online system if possible.  You will be able to book up to 2 days before the date of the walk.  You will need to log in to this website to book online and if you are not already registered you will have to do this first. All you need to register is your name, phone number and email address.  Please note that Walk Leaders are all pre-registered, please use your existing login (but see the note at the bottom of this page). If you book by phone, the Walks Coordinator will create a website registration for you and add the booking. 

The Walks Programme will show the number places available for each walk. From here you can click the button to go to the registration page and log in. Once you are  logged in, you will be able to see which walks you are already booked on and which are available for booking. There is also the option to cancel an existing booking online.

To comply with Covid-19 regulations details of attendees on a walk have to be kept for 21 days after the walk and to comply with GDPR regulations they will be deleted after this time. The user registration details will also be removed if there are no pending bookings for that user and the option to “Stay Registered” was not selected on registration (or set in the users “profile” later).   

Notes for Walk Leaders

The walks that you submit will be checked by the Walks Coordinator as they are submitted and then published immediately. As a consequence, the “Draft Programme” and “Draft Walks Calendar” pages are redundant and have been removed from the website. You will however still be able to make changes to walks you have submitted in the short period before they are published.

Leaders can use their existing login to book a place on another leader’s walk, but only for themselves. Sharing a login is no longer possible and the login you use must have your name and contact details. If you do not have your own login, you will need to register to get one. Please note that the email address must be unique; the system will not allow you to register with an email address that is already registered.

The programme listing will give leaders the option to view a list of attendees booked on their walks. There is an option to email the list to the leader. Alternatively, the list can be printed or transcribed if a paper copy is required.